Pockie Ninja

Dubbing Contest

Pockie Ninja Anniversary entry by Noob397


PV: 46,028

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  • good except i wish u are win this contest

    2012-03-30 08:26:54 kotem
  • good, except for ending, the skills part should be moved to the middle

    2012-03-30 07:10:30 nythusan31030128
  • NICE JUNJI share namin ha xDD kaw na p***o

    2012-03-30 08:23:52 sbuscano@yahoo.com
  • Good Job! Nice Vid ! Google here s22 !!!! XD

    2012-03-30 01:05:16 j3j3mon232@yahoo.com
  • This 1hr maintenance while watching this vid. makes me miss PN more. lol great job looks like a trailer!

    2012-03-30 12:55:35 iloveyosi

Related Info

Number: 2040

Server Name: Despair Plains

Character name: Noob397

PV: 46,028